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About My Studio

Welcome! I am a retired secondary school Music teacher. I have been teaching music to children, teens, and adults for many years. In my home studio, I gear your lessons to best suit you---your level of knowledge about music, your experience on piano, and your musical goals. The environment in my studio is friendly, patient, and positive! Sound like something you might enjoy?


Style of Instruction

It All Depends On Your Goals!

When you come in to meet me, we'll chat about your expectations and come up with a plan together. Here are some of the areas of focus I can provide to you, depending on what you hope to achieve.

Method Books

Perhaps the best way to progress in your knowledge and skills as a beginning piano player is through the use of a well-designed method book. These provide a natural, step-by-step process for learning. Basic information about music theory and how to read music notation is built into these books. I use several great method book series, because students are successful with them!

Sheet Music Close Up

RCM Levels and Exams

Some students prefer to work their way through the Royal Conservatory of Music piano levels. The challenge, thoroughness, and musical integrity of this time-tested approach develops excellent skill and musicianship. I teach up to the Grade 8 RCM Piano Level. Some students begin with the method book approach, develop a passion for playing, and then decide to work on conservatory piano style lessons with me!

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Fun Stuff!

In addition to using method books or RCM repertoire books, my students have the opportunity to work on music that they choose for themselves. They might bring in a favourite pop song or video game theme to learn. I understand that one of the greatest joys of learning to play piano is to eventually be able to play a piece that you've always loved. We keep some fun in our lessons!

Piano Lesson

My Rates and         Studio Policy


Beginner Level                   $20 per half hour lesson

Intermediate Level            $24 per half hour lesson

All lessons are purchased in semesters, not individually

2019-2020 Payment by Semester:

Fall Semester: Tues. Sept. 3, 2019 to Fri. Dec. 20, 2019

  • 16 lessons = $320 (Beginner’s Level)

Winter Semester: Mon. Jan. 6, 2020 to Fri. March 27, 2020

  • 10 lessons = $200 

Spring Semester: Mon. March 30, 2020 to Fri. June 26, 2020

  • 13 lessons = $260 

Special Discount:

For the 2019-2020 Studio year, if you pay for the entire year by Friday, September 6, 2019, you will receive a 10% discount on your entire year’s tuition!

Methods of Payment:

  • Cheque

  • Cash

  • e-Transfer

Absence Policy:

  1. There will be no lessons on:

  • Statutory holidays

  • Studio holidays (these will be communicated before each semester)

     * Studio Holiday will be Jan.21-28, 2020

  • March Break (March 16 - 20, 2020)

  • Christmas Break (Mon. Dec. 23, 2019 - Fri. Jan. 3, 2020)

2. A maximum of 2 make-up lessons per semester will be provided, at no additional cost, for the following:

  • Personal illness

  • Family illness

3. Make-up lessons can be scheduled, for $20 , for absences due to other reasons.

4. All make-up lessons for a semester must be completed before the beginning of the next semester.

5. Final date for completion of make-up lessons will be Friday, June 26, 2020.

6. When lessons are cancelled due to teacher illness, they will be rescheduled at no extra cost. If rescheduling is not possible, the cost of the lesson will be refunded.


We use piano method books in our lessons. You will be responsible for purchasing that book from me, unless you would like to go to a music store to purchase it on your own.


Contact Me !

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